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It was on April 28 that everything happened. We were not expecting the event that our dear friends, including Johana, provided for us: a surprise wedding in our home in the interior of Caxias do Sul. Everything was conceived and planned to occur with the financial resources of the guests themselves, which required creativity, dedication, secrecy and competence. The environment began to be set up the day before the wedding, when we were in a hotel whose stay was a gift from the civil union godparents and who were helping in the organization. The decor and the ceremony were organized with elements that match our taste and with the atmosphere of the place at an incredible level of detail that while using simple features finalized itself in an extremely exquisite environment. The dedication and care of following the bridegroom's taste, though we did not know of marriage, was perceived by us as soon as we arrived, making this moment the most special of our lives. Johana provided a ceremony not only of marriage, but also of friendship and we only have to thank the dedication and the affection that propelled this event. We perceive the love dedicated to us by all the friends involved in every detail and we only have to thank for the affection and competence!

July 1, 2018