Fotografia ślubna Łukasz Gromolak

I used their services for my wedding:

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Łukasz, as nobody can catch emotions. He just has an intuition to look for with a candle. Anyone can take a camera and play, but you still need an eye to take pictures. This is according to us as a showcase of Łukasz. He can wait for the right moment and trigger the shutter at the right moment. In addition, you know the equipment, it invests in it all the time and likes experiments (with lighting, different optics, inaccuracies, etc.) Porafi use the camera as a creative work tool. After all, he is nice, pleasant and conflict-free, which greatly facilitates cooperation. It is worth adding that during the party he moved like a ghost, i.e. he did his job without entering the parade, and this only emphasizes his professionalism (the more we wondered when he did all these great teams? :) We recommend Łukasz unanimously. The quality of his work speaks for itself.

July 17, 2017