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What you have left of a special moment, of a celebration, of an event, are the graphic documents, audiovisuals, texts, images, and of course the memory. The memory, normally, is of those intense moments that predominate the act and that lasts completely in our mind, unfortunately, for a limited time, but there are more, there are innumerable details, facts that the protagonists do not appreciate, nor the guests, and they pass Unnoticed but that give the event the real importance it implies, because the magic is in those little details. On June 15, 2013, that was what Nelson gave us forever, the little details of our wedding that nobody appreciated, and that were part of our lives. The religious act of marriage, the photo with the parents, with the friends, when cutting the cake, the dance, that will always be in our memory, and of course Nelson also showed it to us forever, but he would never have been able to appreciate the looks of emotion of parents, tears of joy from our friends, sincerity, friendship, happiness and that is what image after image captured the eye of Nelson and gave us so that we always remember. I do not understand technique, I just know that your photos had it all. From here I give my congratulations for the work he gave us, for this collection of feelings and for an indelible memory of the happiest day of our lives.

December 7, 2014