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We got married in July of this year, and we hired the photos to NELSON MARQUES. I recommend that you see several full albums, not just one, in addition to seeing the full content of a wedding of the usb they deliver. We only saw an album that we were shown and we liked it, but the photos of our wedding turned out not to be expected. My photos are mostly unfocused, not framed, there are severed heads or my wedding dress in many cuts too, and I have not removed marquitas on the skin or smoothed the skin of the face, or removed a parking sign while getting out of the car , things that are customary in wedding photos. They also gave me the unordered photos of the usb. I asked him several times to order them, and it was in vain.

The online gallery where the photos hang in low resolution 15 days after the wedding so they can be seen with a password, are also messy and can not be seen with any MAC or Android device, unless you download the Chrome
My wedding was in the afternoon, so most of the celebration was at night. He did not use flash, so the photos of the night are not worth much, they have a lot of noise that they call (blurry) .. Apart, many photos do not make sense, like several photos in which the bride is covered, a hug from the boyfriend with his father covered by another person, a photo of an empty snack tray, table with the still untapped salvatacones, photo of the farm while I was making up with an employee assembling furniture, photo behind the corner with family photos, photo of the couple holding a balloon and cut the balloon, photo of the cake cut and their hands are covered by a vase, etc. There are many photos of the guests that are made without taste, tun tun, photos where people leave with funny faces, there are photos where you do not know what you want to capture because people come out from behind or there is no smile, emotion, hug, or anything like that, there is even a photo with your finger on the lens. There are few photos of the foreground guests, almost all are from afar. I'm missing photos of many details of the wedding, and his excuse is that if I wanted something in particular I had to tell him, photos of baskets that I placed with pashminas for women, a bar of mojitos that we prepared, a chocolate fondue, the girlfriend giving gifts to the children, from the six-meter table that we all assembled full of desserts with glass vases with flowers there is only one and the desserts are not appreciated because it is taken from an inappropriate place, the bride dancing among the tables with the bouquet, photo of the groom with the godmother in the church before the entrance of the bride, photo of the face of the groom when the bride enters the church, the kiss of newlyweds ....

Usually a wedding photographer shoots about three thousand photos, and this photographer only throws the ones he gives you, that is, a wedding photographer does a screen of those that are not worth, and this man gives you all, worth or not, totaling in my case 807 photos.

Belén was the one who took care of all the contracting processes with us, the one that teaches you the sample, etc. He accompanies the photographer the day of the wedding as an assistant, and as he told us he also threw photos, but in my case few photos should have been thrown away, and that we emphasized that the exit from the church we wanted photos also in front (the photographer turns them on his back), and he has not given us any. In several homemade photos she is seen with her hands behind her back as one more guest, or in the fireworks that we throw after the dance, she is seen in another homemade photo, passing between us and the fires ...

The photographer is not very accessible, to speak by telephone only accounts with a mobile number that is hers, and all the doubts and questions are sent to him, and then she replies again with what he says.

If you order the album, you know that the layout is not made by them, according to what the assistant told me, the lab does it directly, it is a job that the wedding photographer usually does because he has been at the wedding, he has done the photos , and he should improve them even more, if he has done so, for printing. In this case, it is not so.

He gave me many black and white photos, and when he asked for them he gave them to me, but he wrote to me: "I did it with good pleasure, because at no time do I have to do it".
At no time they went to my wedding planer, and they had no interest in what came at any time, and that they had the timing from the previous day. Moreover, they were at dinner, sitting on the sofa in the dance area without taking a picture and waiting for their dinner. They asked my wedding planer for dinner twice and she replied that they would be given to the guests first (logically). My wedding planner commented to me that they came running from no one knows where the song for the delivery of the bouquet sounded, and luckily I have photos of that moment, but of the dance between the tables I made before the delivery, no. You can also see him in a homemade video arriving late to the waltz of no one knows where.

The day before the wedding we stayed at the celebration farm, a private estate of the family, to tell them where each detail went and how we were going to enter at each moment, so they knew exactly what the wedding was going to be like, and with the phone of our wedding planer to ask any questions. A day I realize that he has uploaded to an instagram-type website two photos of the wedding day (which he has not given me with the usb) and another photo of my farm the day before the wedding, which he must have done while We discussed how the wedding was going to be and without our permission.

In the meeting that we had 15 days before the wedding that we were summoned in a cafeteria, apart from giving them details of the wedding, contact of the wedding planer, etc, we stayed to do the post-wedding at the place of the wedding, on the beach ( we are from Madrid) the week of our return from the honeymoon, specifically on Thursday of that week. What is our surprise that by writing a whatsapp from the beach to stay at an hour, I answered that impossible, that until the second week of August nothing. We had traveled 600kms with a baby for the post-abode and we found these. According to them we do not stay on a specific date ...

As an observation, tell you that the address does not indicate the registered office or the CIF of the company or NIF of the photographer, and the invoice indicates that the registered office has it in Switzerland.

My experience has been very negative. I recommend you not to decide just for a nice web page, or for the many lectures that a photographer, and ask you to show you complete works of several different weddings.

On his website he advertises himself as a photographer who "in each photograph we capture a message, a detail, a dream, a careful vision in feelings", this is what I expected and in my case it has not been like that.

If you are interested in seeing photos of my wedding report, I have no problem.

December 9, 2015