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As a make-up artist, I had the pleasure of working together with Claudia (Ladies & Lord fine photography) on many occasions, from engagement and boudoir photoshoots to weddings. What impressed me the most, was her all-around approach to projects. Finding the right photographer, you can rely on to capture the essence and beauty of a wedding, can be a stressful task for any couple, but as soon as you meet Claudia, you know you are in good hands!  From the very first sit-down, when she is trying to get to know her clients and get a better idea of their wishes, to the actual wedding day, when you see you dream wedding becoming reality and up to the finish ... when you are all giddy, after she hands you your pictures - the experience with Claudia is amazing. She is so much more than just a wedding photographer. She understands your wishes, gets a clear idea about them, even before you do. And you can tell that just by looking at her work - her wedding pictures really are something else. When you start to plan your wedding, the first priority should be getting the right photographer. Tangible items may come and go, but photos will last a lifetime. With Claudia - the experience will be above any expectations you ever had and a choice you will never regret!

Sandra, Sfumato make up

06. Februar 2017