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Our couples tell us about their Zankyou experience.

  • Antoinette and Johan Wedding on 5/2/15

    Anyone searching for a contribution wedding registry that is classy and non-demanding, needs to check out Zankyou. Satisfaction is guaranteed for those wanting to personalize their site. Zankyou suited our needs as an international couple perfectly. I am American and my husband is French. This was the only site we found providing services for both our accounts. The language and currency options make this site easy to understand for our friends and family that reside either in France or the USA. The customer service is exceptional ~ providing help and information every step of the way and they always give you a call back no matter what country you are in! Merci Zankyou!

  • Audrey and Régis Wedding on 5/2/15

    With Zankyou we were able to create a registry completely tailored to our needs and to every guest's budget. From the honeymoon, to charity donations, to kitchen appliances... Everyone could take part however they wanted! We even kept the registry open for a while after the wedding and continued receiving gifts!

  • Melissa and Mariano Wedding on 1/17/15

    Zankyou was so important in helping us organize the wedding we've always dreamed of. Everything was perfect and easy to use with the best tools to get everything in place such an important day. Our guests loved our page!

  • Lorena and Alberto Wedding on 5/3/14

    I'm Mexican and Alberto's from Madrid. We decided to get married in Marbella. We chose Zankyou so that our guests, not only from Spain, but also Mexico, the US and Germany, could find out all the details of our wedding and at the same time see original ideas for gifts that they could give us. Zankyou helped us a lot. We created a dynamic website and our guests were kept well-informed about our magical day!

  • Irene and Andrea Wedding on 12/20/14

    We found Zankyou when we were searching online and we came across reviews (all very positive) on various forums. We used the innovative 'honeymoon' registry which allowed us build our perfect honeymoon. Our guests thought it was a really great concept.

  • Massimo and Tanya Wedding on 9/19/14

    Our experience with Zankyou was more than positive. The customer service was on point and helpful. Our friends, who left so many comments, loved the concept of the website and the registry service was very handy as well.

  • Luca and Mirella Wedding on 12/22/14

    I must admit, Zankyou was a great find. It was very easy for us to create and use the website. Our guests were just as pleased as we were. We chose to go for the online registry alone, and it was pretty much perfect! I'll recommend it for sure!

  • Andrea and Arturo Wedding on 11/8/14

    At first I just wanted to create a website for my wedding but I had no idea how to go about it and I thought it would be more costly, given that in Mexico wedding websites are quite trendy. We wanted to make things easier for our guests, especially those from around the world (China, Spain, France, UK, US). Also, relatives coming from all over Mexico could have all the information they need instantly without having to worry about the invitation not arriving on time. The page allowed me to include details that I had thought about for the wedding but didn't know how to conceptualize, for example, telling my guests the story of how we met. One other important aspect that attracted us was the ability to have an online registry with experiences and charitable causes close to our hearts, rather than physical gifts. One of the most useful things we discovered was the guest management section which showed us what contact details we were missing from each guest (mailing address, email address, phone number... etc.), as well as the ability to RSVP through the website. Bottom line: I LOVED IT, THANK YOU!

  • Melissa and Carlos Wedding on 10/25/14

    We were lucky enough have not one but two weddings with Zankyou! We got married in Spain, then in Mexico, in 2013 and 2014. For both weddings Zankyou was such a great help and the weddings were incredible!

  • Jodi and Bruno Wedding on 5/11/13

    We found Zankyou to be super easy for us as well as for our guests. We highly recommend it!

  • Emily and Bruce Wedding on 7/26/13

    We were so pleased with the fun and free service that Zankyou has to offer. After searching through many online wedding guest lists/gift lists/registries, we stumbled upon Zankyou which offered an excellent service free of charge and was very user friendly. We set up our very own wedding page, allowing us to upload our own photographs and information, providing our guests with easy access to RSVP (especially when we were getting married abroad and all of our guests were located all over the world!) and find out information about our wedding - allowing us to have all of our information online and in one place to prepare our seating plans or find our guests' addresses. As a Wedding Planner/Coordinator myself, I will definitely recommend Zankyou to future couples, as it is an easy and effective way to store your wedding guest/gift information, taking some of the hassle and stress out of your wedding planning and preparation. Thankyou Zankyou!

  • Carolina and Bruno Wedding on 7/13/13

    Bruno and I met in the Democratic Republic of Congo 4 years ago, I am from Rome and he is from Montreal and we currently live in Washington DC...
    I don't know what we could have done without Zankyou! We had friends coming to wedding from all over the world, and some of them than couldn't make it but still wanted to offer a gift.
    Using Zankyou was easy for everybody, we will spread the word!

  • Eva and Ramsey Wedding on 7/20/13

    We used Zankyou to organize our wedding and we were so happy with the result. We had researched a number of other sites, but none compared to Zankyou. From sending out our save the dates, communicating with guests, organizing seating arrangements all the way to organizing our gift registry, Zankyou made the whole process so much easier. The customer service is great too. We are still have wedding buzz, and wish we could do it all over again!

  • Kimberly and Alexandre Wedding on 7/13/13

    We chose Zankyou because we already lived together before marriage and had everything we needed for our apartment. However, we needed to fund our honeymoon (we wanted to organize it without travel agency) and also fund part of our marriage. The flexibility of Zankyou and the ability to transfer money directly into our account attracted us to this site and we have done exactly what we wanted to do with our list! Additionally, the website is very simple to use and allows you to mount a mini site, which is very cute. We also had a lot of positive feedback on our registry and guests were delighted to participate in every step of our honeymoon. So, we say "Thank Zankyou!"

  • Ashley and Mirko Wedding on 6/29/13

    Thank you for your great service! We had tried another wedding website before Zankyou, but decided to switch once we learned about all the extra features that Zankyou offers for a better price! We were thrilled to have such a user friendly site with integrated features like an app for iPhone and Android, a personalized web page, a guest book for comments from friends and family, our choice of song selection, gorgeous customizable layouts, photo albums and a beautiful registry that accepted cash for specific gifts. We knew that transporting gifts from Italy to the US would be extremely difficult, so we asked for the 'value' of specific gifts instead. We were then able to thank each guest for their specific 'gift' rather than just a generic monetary gift. We had friends and family from Italy, the United States, Germany and France who really appreciated this as well! They were able to just click on a gift and 'voila' - no time-consuming registry shopping, wrapping or transportation costs. It was really fun for us to create together and to enjoy throughout the whole process, especially when we were notified of a new wedding gift!
    We certainly recommend Zankyou to everybody. Even our older relatives thought it was easy to use and appreciated the convenience of being able to go back and refer to details about the wedding. We really enjoyed filling our website pages with information about our 'story' and the wedding plans. Zankyou made it so easy to communicate with all of our extended loved ones from around the world. We were able to save time and money by streamlining the complex details of our international wedding into one beautiful resource. We'll cherish our beautiful website for years to come. Thank you!

  • Marcia and Jonathan Wedding on 7/6/13

    After 16 years together, the moment arrived: OUR WEDDING! Like many couples nowadays, we had lived together for a while and our house had everything it needed and everything you would see on a typical wedding registry. We then faced a challenge – how could our guests give us gifts without the traditional way of giving us gifts or transferring money into our account as we didn’t want this at all! We then faced a second challenge – find a website that could provide a quality service at a reasonable price. Then we found Zankyou! The site was very professional and they answered all the questions that I had. Thank you to all the staff at Zankyou!

  • Camille and Ian Wedding on 7/14/12

    We chose Zankyou mostly for the wedding registry, because we wanted to organize our honeymoon ourselves. It was very simple and nice to create the different stages of our journey. We are very happy with our choice. Additionly, quick transfers and the first one being free was a big advantage. After creating the gift list, we added other items to finally create a real wedding site with information on about the big day - maps, accommodation, etc. ... And the guests really enjoyed the site since it was easy to access and easy to use. Nothing but compliments! As for our wedding, it was a wonderful weekend surrounded by all our family and friends, with amazing fireworks in the evening! So a little advice for brides and grooms: plan well in advance of your wedding, it's a big job! And above all, enjoy the day!

  • Caroline and Larry Wedding on 10/7/11

    I found out about Zankyou through a search on Google. I also found several reviews online from Cosmopolitan and other wedding sites, which recommended Zankyou. I was happy to discover that you have one of the lowest per transaction and transfer fees of all of the online registry and cash gifting sites. For this reason, and also the fact that I can create my own wedding website free of charge, I decided to go with Zankyou. Your service is amazing and I love it!

  • Paula and Marcello Wedding on 8/27/11

    We heard about Zankyou through a friend who was getting married at the same time. As Marcello and I had already been living together for a year and a half, our home was already equipped. We knew during the preparations for the wedding that we were going to have a baby and Zankyou was perfect! We have created a list of virtual gifts for the baby's room. Everyone loved the idea, and us too, of course. Guests loved giving gifts to the baby. Everyone is familiar with the internet transactions so we had no worries. Sincerely, we recommend Zankyou to all our friends!

  • Dominique and Javier Wedding on 11/5/11

    Zankyou has transformed my vision of what a boring, tacky wedding registry would be. It has given us the opportunity to put our custom honeymoon experiences and moments on the registry so people can contribute to our newlywed memories together. It has also taken away the horrible feeling of "asking for money" rather than receiving 3 of the same fondue pot. The multilingual features on the site made Zankyou unique in that all of our family members could visit the registry and enjoy it in their native languages. Thank you Zankyou!

  • Alexandra Roberts and Danny Robert Wedding on 8/28/11

    Since we are going on a cruise in Alaska for our honeymoon, we included shore excursions and tours in our Zankyou registry. We included charities we feel strongly about and also a couple bottles of whiskey we've been dying to try! Zankyou has a great user interface that seems to be lacking in other online registries. We tried 4 others before finding Zankyou. The transfer into your bank account is super helpful and the website has a great design. I would absolutely recommend Zankyou to all my friends.

  • Astrid and Bruno Wedding on 6/8/12

    We found this site to be great! It's a great wedding registry where you can receive gifts directly into your bank account - very useful. Indeed it gave us a lot of freedom with regards to the gifts were wanted to purchase as opposed to a traditional registry. It was also possible to make a wedding website website, which was simple and easy.

  • Dina and Mike Wedding on 5/1/11

    We're both older and already have a furnished house so we set up a registry with gifts that we could use after the wedding such as a wedding fund, airline tickets for a trip, hotel room for two. We chose Zankyou because it was really easy to set up. The website is easy to use and it was great being able to update our information and guest list at anytime using all the wedding planning tools. We loved that people could give us gifts online that we could transfer as funds to our bank account.

    What was unique about our wedding? We took all our pictures beforehand so after we said our vows we went directly to the bar & had a shot! I loved immediately being able to mingle with our guests.

  • Teresa and Tiago Wedding on 8/18/12

    We decided to use Zankyou not only becuase of the online wedding registry, accessible to guests from all over the world, but also to be able to easily give information about the wedding to them. It was great to organize the tables, in a very simple and practical way and it allowed us to keep the addresses of guests who gave us gifts so we can send them a thank you message. Additionally, you can personalize the site however you like. We put as the background of our site the paper that we use in our invitations, menus, etc., and uploaded a song to cheer up those who visited to the site. Everything went very well, Zankyou was effective and safe! 

  • Jennie and Julien Wedding on 4/9/11

    The main reasons for using Zankyou were the fact we could have the site in French, the currency options (we needed US Dollars and Euros since we had French/American guest list) and the freedom create your own gifts for the registry. Unfortunately, we signed up quite late, but it was nice to have the 'thank you' email option for each guest that gave a gift in the regsitry. We'd definitely recommend Zankyou because you can personalize your own profile and registry. Also, it's a very efficient service and easy to use.

  • Alexandra and Gonçalo Wedding on 7/14/12

    Zankyou gave us the perfect opportunity to make a personalized wedding registry that was also easily accessible. We wanted to make a registry for our honeymoon, but without having to be dependent on a travel agency. We found a solution with Zankyou. Besides providing a fully customizable wishlists, Zankyou allowed us to tell our guests all the detailed information about the wedding, creating one place where the couple and the guests could interact before the wedding. This was just what we needed! And so we created our own list of gifts for our registry. It was very practical and we contacted our guests through the messaging system whenever we needed to, which was very useful. Everything worked perfectly and we strongly recommend Zankyou.

  • Sandra and Nicolas Wedding on 9/3/11

    What I first liked about Zankyou was the name. As a French woman living in the US, it is so much fun to hear and pronounce it. The website is nice and easy to use. I love the graphics because they make me think of a French comic book I love. The wedding registry is convenient as you receive cash, the gifts can be customized and last but not least, it is multilingual! The customer service is great. I interacted both with the French and US teams. They are really fast, friendly and give accurate answers. I am definitely recommending ZY to my friends who are getting married :)

  • Tiffany and Karl Wedding on 8/13/11

    The unique thing about our wedding is that Karl and I are doing a modern twist to the Vietnamese traditional wedding. We are having a traditional American ceremony but yet we will still having a tea ceremony at our reception for guest to experience our Vietnamese tradition. As a bride I wanted a registry that was convenient and easy. With me working, trying to plan my wedding and other life things going on, I had no time to go to the store and pick out the things I wanted for my registry. So I went with Zankyou, with a few clicks I was done. Plus I like the idea of receiving cash! My friends and family love the idea and wished they went with Zankyou during their weddings. The best thing about the service was the fast response from the customer service representative, Jane, who helped me set up my registry and was so quick to reply to me. I love that I'm dealing with real people each time. I would definitely recommend Zankyou to every bride-to-be I know!

  • Chris and Kelly Wedding on 8/28/10

    Zankyou was amazing, the perfect way to create a gift registry with everything you need, and so easy to use! You can even upload photos, directions and more…

  • Mariellen and Raphael Wedding on 8/20/11

    We chose the site because I needed a site where I could get the value of gifts as money and thought that Zankyou had the best conditions for me and for our guests. Our experience was great, everything went really well. The change of site layout happened during my receiving gifts. I needed to re-adjust the site a bit, but had no major problems (it was even better). The guests who commented said they really liked it. Surely, I will recommend Zankyou to my friends!

  • Maureen and Alessandro Wedding on 9/11/10

    Since we both work and are very busy, we decided that the traditional honeymoon was not for us. We opted for several small weekend getaways during the first months of married life to unwind from the daily routine keep the newlywed romance fresh. Zankyou has been very helpful. Through the site we have divided the gifts into 5 weekends, adding hotel, restaurants, tours, dinners and so on for each trip. It was very simple and with a little imagination, Zankyou allows everyone to create their own dream gifts. I had a lot of fun creating the wedding registry!

  • Mirian and Alexander Wedding on 2/13/10

    For us it was absolutely fantastic. As there were guests from all around the world, it was very easy to provide details of the wedding, accommodation, etc. Also, it was very easy to use the wedding registry, which worked really well for all our international guests.

  • Esther and Pablo Wedding on 8/6/10

    I'm Esther and my husband's name is Pablo. We were married on August 6, 2010 on an estate in the mountains of Madrid. In our case, it didn't make sense to create a traditional wedding registry to furnish a home. Zankyou allowed us to do just we needed: make a completely personalized registry. In addition, we have friends of different nationalities all over the world. We needed a website that could be used by all our guests, including those that didn't speak English/Spanish. Zankyou allowed them to access information in Spanish, English, French, German and other languages. Apart from the gift regsitry, we could also include information on the location of the estate, bus schedules and recommended hotels.

    Furthermore, the thing we valued the most about Zankyou was their customer service before and after the wedding, which covered our special needs. Their accessibility, response, ability and desire to help and make things work won us over completely. After comparing other sites in the online wedding registry market, it was clear that Zankyou was one of the best decisions for planning our wedding. They made life easier (essential during the months leading up to the big day) and surpassed our expectations. Thanks to the whole team!

  • Russell and Stella Wedding on 7/3/09

    We chose Zankyou for our wedding registry and we are very happy. We have included some classic and some more modern type "experiences" in our gift registry such as a dinner at our favorite restaurant or tango lessons. A lot of people congratulated us for our choice. I would do it again without hesitation because it allowed us to enjoy many of the things that we wanted to do.

  • Rafa Muñoz and Mary Blackwell Wedding on 7/11/09

    Great website for ideas. We used this website to post pictures of friends and family as well as the gift registry. This worked out very well because we didn't feel comfortable putting our bank details on the invitations and we had many people coming from all over the world so Zankyou provided the perfect solution for us.

  • Helen and Lorenzo Wedding on 7/19/09

    It was a fantastic option to be able to create a completely personalized website in both Italian and English. Zankyou let us include our wedding registry online and provide all the useful instructions for our wedding to our guests, both in English and Italian. The comfort of being able to receive the money in our bank account instead of the same old presents, it's priceless!

  • Talía and Juan Wedding on 11/7/09

    We chose Zankyou because we didn't want a traditional gift registry as having already lived together, we already had everything. So we chose gifts for our honeymoon, an original way for our guests to participate a little more in our wedding! We chose to create gifts made up of the most expensive things, such as flights and hotels, and also chose a range of more affordable gifts, such as dinners, tickets and transfers. This kind of thing is quite new, it will still take some time for people to consider it as something normal, especially older guests, but the younger guests and those coming from abroad, from countries like Brasil and the UK liked the idea too. They loved the option of giving us the gifts like having tea in the Russian Tea Room in New York or a day at Disney World! Another strong point is the customer service - very efficient and attentive, always answering emails very quickly and very flexible in terms of our requests. Ten out of ten!

  • Madalena and Francisco Wedding on 7/14/12

    We chose Zankyou mainly because it is very user friendly and allows you to not only create a diverse wedding registry wishlist but also create a more personal page for the wedding (with photos, information about the day, etc). It was very helpful and we were able to choose various items for our gift registry (without having to restrict ourselves to one store). It was like creating a Facebook account for our wedding in reality! Even today we have friends who ask us when we are going to put the photos on the site since they visit it regularly!

  • Diana and Diogo Wedding on 3/3/12

    We found Zankyou through a friend who had used them for their wedding. The truth is that Zankyou is ideal for couples who want to give some "hints" before the wedding day as well as being practical and simple. It is very interactive and guests can have a "taste" of the couple's "wedding spirit" through the site. The option of being able to upload photos, customize the look of each site is great because it gives the idea that the wedding starts from the creation of your site - brilliant!

  • Maria Sperada and Alessandro Wedding on 7/3/09

    We got married a year ago and did not want a traditional wedding registry and decided to use Zankyou. My husband's family and friends live far away from us so this kind of wedding registry has made things easier for us. The ability to add any gift, to create a blog and provide directions to the wedding ceremony are great and very useful ideas. Also, the cash transfer process was great, we received the money quickly.

  • Antonio and Claudia Wedding on 7/18/09

    What can we say? We are very happy with Zankyou, not just with the idea itself but also the complete effectiveness of the services and the team's availability, friendliness and professionalism. We'd do it another 100,000 times! Our guests were impressed, even the older generations of parents and grandparents. We mainly chose the online wedding registry for convenience because of our situation: we live abroad and our families come from different cities and we have friends from all over. So where do you host the wedding registry? We would have had to have open registries in at least four different cities, and that's without thinking about our friends from abroad. Also, we lived together, so we had furniture. The online wedding registry was the ideal solution: on the one hand, we could choose what and where to buy the gifts, the guests didn't have to travel to a shop far away; instead, everyone could give us a gift directly from their homes. We were really happy with the idea and even the younger guests told us that they hadn't heard of anything like that, we were ahead of them! 

  • Catharina and Nathaniel Wedding on 9/17/10

    We had the wedding of our dreams and are very grateful for this. Nathaniel is a military pilot and that's why we're always moving around, so we didn't want any more things to have to carry around when we were moving. That's why the Zankyou online wedding registry is ideal, so that our guests could give us what we really needed. Many even helped us pay for the wedding, which was part of the list, and this was really important because we had a lot of guests.

    But the main reason we chose Zankyou was the international element in terms of the wedding and our families, as there are some people living in Germany and others in the UK. It was the best thing we could do to "connect" everyone. I wrote the info on the page in both languages, I chose the white and orange colours and included loads of photos so that I could tell everyone about our love stories. We also provided the guests with the guestbook, maps for getting to the wedding and our wedding registry. I could even add links for international airlines and a weather forecast app. It was a lot of fun!

  • Guillaume and Maylis Wedding on 6/17/11

    We're very satisfied we chose Zankyou for our wedding website - it's very easy to use and allows us to give all the necessary information to our guests in just a few clicks. The guests were able to access all the practical information about the big day, the hotel, transport, etc. It was essential for us to also have an online wedding registry. The flexibility and simplicity of Zankyou was great when organizing our wedding.

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