• Online Wedding Gift List Customs are Changing with the Times!

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  • You'll love creating your wedding gift list with Zankyou! Receive cash towards household items, your dream honeymoon or even your favourite charity.
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  • Your guests buy the gifts that you create
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  • No gift is too big or too small
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Your wedding deserves a Zankyou gift list!


Receive gift contributions directly into your bank account:

Don't want to fill your house with things you'll never use? This is the wedding list for you!


The freedom to include any gift you like to your wedding list!

Anything is possible: list the stages of your honeymoon, charity donations and much more. Thanks to the Zankyou mobile App you can even create gifts with photos from your smartphone!


The best service at your fingertips:

Zankyou is available in 9 languages and payments can be made from anywhere in the world by credit or debit card, bank transfer or cheque, over the internet or by phone. Over 98% of our customers would recommend Zankyou to a friend (source: polldaddy).


Safe and secure service:

With over 1,000,000 gifts handled per year, and over 4 million unique users per month, you're guaranteed to get the best service.

Create your wedding list

List different stages of your honeymoon or the gifts that you want. It's fully customisable. See our demos.

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