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With Zankyou you can receive contributions towards your honeymoon

Whether it's for trip booked through an agency or you're organising it yourself.

Receive contributions directly into your bank account

Spend your money with total freedom whenever and wherever you wish.

You can show every stage of your journey as a gift, marked out precisely on a map. (e.g.: "snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef")

Your guests can navigate said map and gift you whatever stage they like the most (or simply make an open contribution).

Create your wedding list

List different stages of your honeymoon or the gifts that you want. It's fully customisable. See our demos.

What our customers said

  • Emily and Bruce Wedding on 26/07/2013

    As a Wedding Planner/Coordinator myself, I will definitely recommend Zankyou to future couples, it is an easy and effective way to store your wedding guest and gift information, taking some of the hassle and stress out of your wedding planning and preparation.

  • Eva and Ramsey Wedding on 20/07/2013

    From sending out our save the dates, communicating with guests, organizing seating arrangements all the way to organizing our gift list, Zankyou made the whole process so much easier to navigate. The customer service is great too.

  • Ashley and Mirko Wedding on 29/06/2013

    We had friends and family from Italy, the United States, Germany and France who really appreciated Zankyou! They were able to just click on a gift and 'voila' - no time-consuming registry shopping, wrapping or transportation concerns.

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    "Have you invited guests from overseas? Then check out Zankyou!"

  • rocknrollbride

    "Seriously, you can list anything you want…from anywhere"

  • elle

    "Create your own wedding website with Zankyou"

  • mashable

    "Zankyou is a genius idea with great features"